7 Tips For Connecting To Your Authentic Core

While for some it might be a novel concept, one of the keys to happiness comes from taking the journey to get know and love yourself. A challenging path at best, taking into consideration the society in which we live, the long term benefits far outweigh the perceived costs.

Lissa Rankin in this insightful Care 2 post covers seven different ways in which a person can increase their energy levels by owning the things that make a person whole. By exploring your creativity, spirituality, health, relationships, sexuality, career, and life purpose, the hope is to stay refreshed and energized.

Important on her list is the ability to connect spiritually. According to Rankin, through meditation and other practices a person has a better chance at connecting to their authentic core.

Connect spiritually. When you feel connected to the Divine, you automatically feel more energized and refreshed because you know you’re here for a reason. You’re part of something bigger than yourself. Your life matters because the Divine is working through you. You are a channel for something BIG. Get out of the way. Let it flow through you. Try meditation, prayer, writing letters to the Big Mama In the Sky, getting out in nature, going to church, joining a spiritual community — whatever makes you feel connected in a way that resonates with the authentic core of who you are.

Read more about Rankin’s seven tips to feel energized including the importance of meditation in honoring your body and creating a relationship with the Divine here.

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