8 Tips To Effective Disease Prevention

Meditation Benefits | Use Meditation To Move Through Difficult Feelings And EmotionsReflecting on our world that continues to evolve at lightening speed, today more so than ever before, when it comes to health and well being, a lot of people are beginning to look upon disease from a much more inside-out perspective. Meaning, that the origin of disease is less about the elements and their affect upon one’s mind and body, and more so on how one’s internal environment affects one’s overall health. With practices like yoga and meditation, entry into this sacred world is possible. And although simple entry might not be enough to heal one’s health issues, at least it’s a conscious raising start.

Lynn Zavaro pens this recent Crazy Sexy Life post on how suppressing one’s emotions can negatively affect well being. According to Zavaro, who references Louise L. Hay’s powerful book “You Can Heal Your Life,” having a healthy release of one’s emotions can lead to inner balance and ease. Alternatively, feelings that never see the light of day work to harden the heart.

Zavaro outlines 8 tips including practicing meditation and forgiveness to help a person clear out their emotional reserves in a courageous attempt to prevent emotions from running havoc on the mind and body.

4.) Go within. It is not indulgent or selfish to take time off for ourselves, but necessary to restore and empty out. To “go within,” create some space, time and quiet to bring awareness to your inner experience. Meditation is always a profound way to offer space in the heart for feelings to rise and dissipate and is proven to decrease stress tremendously.

6.) Forgive. Forgiveness is about tying up loose ends from our past that keep us from what is needed to be at peace in the present moment. Without forgiveness we can harbor resentments that solidify our heart and cause dis-ease. Be lovingly honest as you bring awareness to any harm made against others and/or yourself. Then invoke the feelings of love, forgiveness and compassion. When in tune with your loving, feel yourself balanced and at peace, emptied of something you may have carried for a long time.

Read more here from Zavaro on how practicing meditation, cultivating gratitude, and healing the past can help you to live a disease free life.

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