8 Tips To Fun And Easy Meditation

Meditation | A Meditation Practice Should Be SimpleSure we all know that meditation is good for us.  We also know that in order to reap real benefit, a daily practice is essential. While most people set out with their best intentions to make a meditation practice a daily ritual, alas, with work and relationship demands to name just a few, these same people find themselves struggling to keep their commitment.

Luckily, Goddess Leonie from Tiny Buddha gives us eight simple, fun, and less boring ways to accomplish our chosen meditative goal. For Leonie, the most important thing with any practice is to make it your own and design it accordingly.

Remember that the reason you aren’t meditating right now is not because you are lazy. It’s because you haven’t yet found a way to meditate for you that is fun, easy, and comfortable for you. Find the way that does, and then it’s much, much easier.

Remove the annoying parts from meditating. Try out all the different ways you can to make it as lovely an experience as possible.

And remember: you are the expert on you. Find the wonderful things that work for you, and ignore the rest.

Read about Goddess Leonie’s meditation tips here.



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  1. Astral Projection Techniques says:

    I agree that meditation is difficult to do sometimes especially in the daily struggles of daily life. I find that mindfulness meditation is very helpful.