8 Ways Meditation Can Change Your Life

Meditation | Meditation Can Enable You To Practice Unconditional LoveLet’s be honest, we all know we should meditate. Decreased stress and anxiety, a happier and more fulfilling outlook on life, and the ability to tackle the problems that used to baffle us all result from practicing meditation. And although meditation isn’t the quick fix that we in the West are accustomed to, maybe the slow and steady benefits that a meditation practice offers, in the end, far outweigh that feeling of instant gratification.

Ed and Deb Shapiro, in this recent Huffington Post, take a look at 8 profound ways that meditation can change a person’s life. Top on the list? The ability to experience that sweet feeling of kindness and compassion toward yourself and others.

1. Living With Kindness
No one deserves your kindness and compassion more than yourself. Every time you see or feel suffering, every time you make a mistake or say something stupid and are just about to put yourself down, every time you think of someone you are having a hard time with, every time you encounter the confusion and difficulty of being human, every time you see someone else struggling, upset, or irritated, you can stop and bring loving kindness and compassion. Breathing gently, silently repeat: May I be well, may I be happy, May I be filled with loving kindness.

2. Lightening the Load

3. Letting Go of Me

4. Dissolving Anger and Fear

5. Awakening Forgiveness

6. Generating Harmlessness

7. Appreciating Appreciation

8. Being Aware

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