A 5 Step Approach To Meditation Bliss

Meditation | Meditation Takes You On A Journey Into Your UnconsciousUnless you live in seclusion without the use of a television, ability to read a newspaper, or access to the internet, you know that meditation works. Why? Because it gives you the excuse to put down whatever you are doing (ie: your monkey mind) and reflect upon the rich landscape of the unconscious. In doing so, stress and anxiety is lessened. Over time, it’s possible to experience profound physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Now that I’ve got you convinced, how do you go about meditating?

Jon Rhodes for Pick the Brain gives us a quick and easy 5 step approach to meditation bliss. According to Rhodes, starting off with small meditation sessions, say twice a day, can help you build up to sitting for longer periods of time. Try this one for 10 minutes:

Meditation Method

In order to do mindfulness meditation, try these following steps.

1. Get your self seated in a comfortable position with good posture.
2. Focus on your breathing. Listen to the sounds of the air as it is breathed in, and as it flows out.
3. Any stray thought that comes into your mind, simply allow them to pass. Remind yourself that you are meditating and you can think about these things later. This is your time.
4. Continue to focus on your breathing and enjoy doing nothing. There is no right or wrong, so don’t judge yourself. By doing nothing you are actually achieving so much by improving your mind.
5. If you have any stray thoughts, simply remain calm and continue to focus on your breathing.

Read more from Rhodes on the benefits of meditation here.

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