A 5 Step Mini-Meditation To Reboot Your Day

If you’re anything like I used to be, your day begins when the all too loud buzzer sounds on the alarm clock and ends when you crash land into your somewhat disheveled bed. What occurs in between can be described as pure chaos that on many days leaves you questioning the point of all of it. And while you think that you accomplish a lot, you never quite feel that sense of accomplishment.

Have you ever considered that it might be time to learn to slow down? Here’s the rub: it’ll actually help you to become more focused and more productive.

Brian Tanaka of Zen Habits introduces us to a 5 step meditation that anyone would be wise to add to their spiritual tool kit. Not only do mini-meditations help calm the mind and boost focus, but they can also help you on days when you find things not going as planned.

1. Stop what you’re doing. Grab a minute for yourself, and mentally set aside what you’re doing. Remember: the whole exercise takes less than a minute, so you needn’t make a big deal about finding the perfect stopping point. It’s really more a pause than a stop, and you’ll be refreshed and able to start what you’re doing again in just a little bit.

2. Close your eyes.

3. Pay attention to your breath.

4. Count three full inhale-exhale cycles.

5. Slowly open your eyes and resume what you were doing.

Read more from Tanaka on how to cultivate a mini-meditation here.

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