A Calm Classroom Is A Happy Classroom

I don’t know about you, but school in the 70’s wasn’t calm. I’m sure that some could argue that the type of schooling that the now 30-somethings received helped to nurture something, however, it sure as heck wasn’t a conscious sense of self. And we’ve paid the price. Luckily today, school administrators, teachers, and parents are beginning to acknowledge how a little classroom meditation could help their children in the long run.

According to this Trib Local post from Margaret Van Duch, a new program in the Fremont School District 79 called Calm Classroom is aiming toward giving young students the space and time to learn to self soothe and relax.

Fremont School District 79 officials are combating these issues through a new social-emotional curriculum called Calm Classroom, a national movement that has gained popularity in local schools.

Very simply teachers are helping students to self soothe through various 30-second to 3-minute relaxation techniques, which result in students reducing stress and focusing more on learning. While the special education department would like to offer this to all students, educators are testing the waters with students who receive additional services to better help them concentrate in school and adopt good study habits and test taking skills.

Read more about Calm Classroom and the relaxation, meditation, and self soothing skills they teach here.

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