A Leadership Course In Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation | Use Mindfulness Meditation To Become A More Effective LeaderFor most of you by now, it’s common knowledge that meditation can lead to decreased stress and anxiety, not to mention lowering your blood pressure. The question is, how can this life transforming practice be taken and incorporated into other areas of your life?

In this latest Bradenton post from Jerome S. Osteryoung, the author explores how the principles learned during mindfulness meditation are being used to help people become effective leaders. According to Osteryoung, meditation is about learning to be in the present. Additionally, because mindfulness involves witnessing, rather than reacting to change, leaders who employ this quality are more apt to make better business choices.

The groundbreaking concept is so popular that The University of Massachusetts has an entire center dedicated to the teaching.

To see things more clearly, you must have an undistracted mind. If your mind is busy, even at a subconscious level, your ability to focus and analyze is diminished. I am not saying that mindfulness can replace knowledge, skill and relevant data in business decisions. Instead, all these elements should be utilized to get the maximum benefits.

One of the neat things about mindfulness is that it makes you more conscious of your body, which so frequently gives you better access to the truth than our minds.

The University of Massachusetts is home to the Center for Mindfulness, where they teach leaders the art of mindfulness. During this training, participants are taught to be more aware of their body and the present moment. In one exercise, learners are instructed to go over their calendars using mindfulness and note how their bodies react to the entries. Once they can observe their bodies’ reactions, they can begin understanding the reasons for these physical responses.

Read more from Osteryoung on using mindfulness meditation in leadership here.

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