A Meditation For The Busy Minded

Meditation Benefits | Meditation Works To Help Decrease Work Stress And AnxietyMost people know that meditation is good for… well just about everything. From physical ailments to spiritual and mental conditions, meditation works because it changes your relationship with your experience. And why is this powerful? Because by moving awareness from the brain and into the body, space appears between our strongly held beliefs about how life should be and how life is. More so, and here’s the rub, meditation teaches a person how to witness one’s experience rather than being consumed by it.

Susan Morales pens this recent Huffington Post geared toward those people with a mind too busy to meditate. Likening meditation to the “one stop shop” stereotype of snake oil, Morales points out that at least with meditation, there’s scientific proof that it’s that good.

Morales gives several different meditations in her post, including these three for busy minded people:

For those with busy minds:

Yes, our minds are very busy. The brain’s job is to think, think and think. However, we tend to over-utilize the analytic function. When our minds are overstimulated, thoughts can become repetitive, like the proverbial broken record. Try one or two of these solutions:

  • Try one two-minute dose of watching your thoughts.Set a timer for two minutes and pay attention to what thoughts arise. Watching your thoughtsengages a different part of the brain, and your brain waves slow down. I imagine my thoughts are like popcorn randomly popping. By observing my thoughts and then waiting to see which will pop up next, I start to relax. You might prefer imagining a rushing stream or floating clouds. The point is to enjoy your thoughts instead of fighting them or dwelling on them.
  • Meditate when your thoughts are naturally slower.When I awake in the morning, my mind is racing. For someone else this might be the quietest time. I still meditate every morning, because it sets a great tone for the day. But I find an afternoon meditation or an evening meditation takes me into a deeper state. Try different times of the day until you find what’s easiest.
  • Give your mind a focus.The Ericksonian Institute teaches one of my favorite techniques. Begin with your eyes open. Pick seven objects at different locations in the room. Focus on one object, then on another. Keep moving your focus until you’ve seen each object. Repeat this until you feel your eyelids getting heavy. Then simply meditate on the feeling of heaviness.

Read more from Morales on the benefits of meditation here.

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  1. Ankit says:

    WoW some great Ideas for meditation. But personally go for 1 minute meditation technique whenever I am too busy. But next time will surely try these Ideas.
    Well Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I have always used mindfulness to become part of the moment of doing something and fully engaging. For instance, when drinking tea or coffee, fully become aware of all aspects of the preparation, pouring, and drinking without thinking of something else. Just be present, its a great exercise and then return to the breath when needed.