A Meditation On The American Mindset

Meditation | Meditation Is A Practice Of Letting GoIt’s not like it would be news if I reported on how we in the West have been slow to recognize the mind body connection and how this relationship must be taken into consideration in order to achieve optimum health and well being. The truth is, we have been slow! Not to say that we don’t have some fine technology, medicines, and solutions ever in existence. I’m just saying that it’s about time that more Eastern traditions like meditation and yoga come in and balance out what has been somewhat of a one-sided push for quite some time.

Vikas Chawla pens this recent Central Jersey post on meditation and yoga’s decent upon the United States. Joking on how there are now as many yoga studios as Startbucks on the streets of Manhattan, Chawla acknowledges some generally held misconceptions when it comes to meditation.

Another misconception is that of meditation, which is often confused with a practice involving concentration. In fact it is quite the opposite.

Spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of the Art of Living Foundation, has beautifully described meditation as “the delicate art of doing nothing, letting go of everything and being who you are.”

Meditation is practiced by many individuals to combat stress, improve focus or sleep. While it definitely helps with all of the aforementioned conditions, its goal is much loftier — to gain a vision of one’s true self and see a glimpse of the infinite and get in touch with one’s true potential.

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