A Meditation On The Dead

Meditation | A Meditation Practice Can Help You Deal With Loss And GriefThe painful truth about getting older is that the chances of someone close to you dying increases exponentially (unless of course you are Tom Hanks on a desert island; I take that back, birds die too). And unfortunately, no amount of preparation can really equip you with the tools needed for a person to deal with all the feelings, thoughts, and emotions that one experiences when a person transitions. Grief is one such difficult emotion.

Checkout this recent Washington Times post from Frances Ponick. In it, Ponick describes the stages of grief and offers meditation as a way to not only deal with the feelings, but also to stay connected (in a healthy way) and communicate with those who have died.

It’s possible to meditate and receive comfort in the midst of lingering grief. And, as grief becomes occasional rather than relentless, it’s even possible to rest in the spirit of the person who’s gone, having no agenda for the encounter except peaceful exploration.

Before describing this, however, it’s essential to realize that this kind of exercise in meditation is not channeling, it’s not psychic, and it’s not Wiccan.

It’s simply a matter of clearing your mind occasionally and allowing the presence of the one who’s gone to enter into your imagination for perhaps no more than ten or fifteen minutes.

Read more from Ponick on using meditation to heal from loss here.

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