A Meditation To Heal An Aching Body

With all the stressors that are present in this thing we call life, it’s no wonder that many of us walk around with a sore back, sore shoulders, and a sore neck. Although yoga, massage, and reiki can be helpful in relieving your aches and pain, using meditation to bring awareness to your body can sometimes be even more effective.

If you’re new to meditation, have a look at this recent Yoga Journal post. In it, is a detailed meditation practice intended to help you settle into your body and expand mindful awareness to those aching energetic blocks. Important is to alternate your attention between those problem areas and the places in your body where the sensations are either positive or neutral. In doing so, you will learn to visit the pain, but not have stay in it.

Let your body settle into a posture that is relaxed and at ease. If you are sitting, try to keep your back and neck upright. If your body is very distressed, lie down comfortably on your back with a commitment to being fully awake and present.

Let your eyes close gently.

For a few moments just be aware of your entire body. Consciously soften any areas of tightness or tension. Move a gentle, curious attention slowly over your face, jaw, shoulders, and hands, allowing them to soften and relax.

Be aware of all the places your body contacts the floor, cushion, or chair, sensing the warmth or subtle pressure within those places of contact.

Expand your attention, becoming aware of your entire body resting in as much ease as possible. Bring a wholehearted attention to your body. Sense the touch of the air on your skin and the touch of your clothes on your body. Let your awareness include your heart beating and the rising and falling of your chest and abdomen with your breathing. Sense too the multitude of different sensations happening within your body—tingling, warmth, movement, pleasant and unpleasant sensations…

Within the range of the different experiences, notice which sensations are most predominant, which area of your body stands out through the intensity of the sensation. This is the area asking for your attention.

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