A Meditation To Strengthen Your Energetic Body

Meditation | Learn To Be Vulnerable And Open With MeditationIf you’re like most people, staying positive and in a good mood at all times can be a challenge. What with all the stressors that this thing called life can throw at you, for many, using meditation to help them to conserve energy so that they can be present for themselves is something that’s never crossed their minds.

Checkout this recent Yoga Journal post from Sally Kempton on a meditation practice intended to help you pull back your energy so as to cultivate safety and openness. In doing so, you’ll find yourself with more energy and an ability to meet the world in a more confident way.

Begin by sitting quietly and focusing on your heart.

Imagine yourself drawing in the energies you’ve given out today. Pull back the energy that has gone into chatting, encounters at work, the distractions of shop windows, or the emotional pull of others.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel you’re fully able to do this. Above all, don’t worry that this will cut you off from the people you love. On the contrary, the practice will let you gather your forces to meet them from a more centered place.

Now imagine a circle of protective energy around you. One way to do this is to visualize a thick ribbon of light emanating from your heart and wrapping itself around your body like a cocoon. See this light ribbon as an energetic shield that lets in energies that belong in your field and keeps out energies that don’t.

Read the rest of Kempton’s meditation to strengthen the energetic body here.

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