A Non-Hokey Approach To Chakra Meditation

Meditation | Balance Your 7 Chakras With A Chakra MeditationSo I’m the first to admit when it comes to energy medicine, chakra cleaning, and rebalancing a person’s energy system, that at times it can get a little far out there. But as the saying goes, “don’t shoot the messenger,” don’t get caught up in judging a practice that involves a long-bearded man jumping up and down singing sacred chants to your 7 chakras and lose sight of the fact that every cell in your body is made up of energy.

Carol Haslam takes a look at the chakras and the power of energy medicine in this recent Roxborough Patch post. According to Haslam, the reason why energy matters is that if something ceased to have energy, it would cease to have form. Therefore, keeping things vibrating properly is a high priority.

Just as the brain has been mapped by neuroscience, so also has the flow of energy in your body been mapped by eastern medicines. In both cases, we see the patterns of energy. Neuroscientists watch (via machines) how electrical impulses travel in the brain when your body does or thinks about certain things. If a foot is tickled a certain area “lights up.” If a person is told to think about a loved one, another area lights up. And, if a person is told to remember a tragedy, still another area.

Like the brain, the body can be mapped according to its energy pathways. When organs do their jobs, they create an output of energy as a byproduct, similar to a water heater. The water heater heats the water, then sends it through pipes to the washing machine, or a shower stall, or a sink. And, if you put your hand closely to any of the pipes in the system along the way, you’ll feel the heat coming from them.

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