A Non Stressful Approach To Healing Stress

Now more than ever, stress management strategies are vital to living a happy, healthy, and serene existence. Although many would like to think that stress only happens to other people, unfortunately, most everyone experiences some form of stress in their lives everyday. Key to successful stress management is finding ways that don’t add more stress to an already stressful situation. Meditation is one such way.

In this Suite 101 post from Ann Bruce, meditation as a stress management tool is explored. While Bruce is honest in acknowledging that people who start a meditation practice expecting miracles may be severely disappointed, she is equally as positive in suggesting that those who do stick with a meditation practice will experience changes to their state of mind when it comes to stress.

One of the techniques used in stress management is meditation. When someone has what they perceive as a lot of problems, they can find it very difficult to concentrate and focus, which in turn can lead to mistakes being made either at work or at home causing yet more problems and adding to the stress. Rather than using medication, drugs like tranquillisers or other relaxation tools and implements, the use of meditation techniques can help the person to achieve a quiet and calm state of mind, helping them to feel less stressed and more relaxed and in turn helping them to solve the problem causing the stress in the first place.

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