A Playbook For Beginning Meditators

What time of day should I practice meditation? And for how long? Where should I sit? And what should I focus on? Several questions that a beginning meditator might ask when deciding whether or not to begin a meditation practice.

Although the benefits of meditation far outnumber the questions, the what, how, and why of meditation is equally as important. Kate Clark in her insightful post, Meditation for Healing, gives us a breakdown and play-by-play of what to expect when it comes to a solid practice. From preparation techniques to guided healing meditations and visualizations, according to Clark, focusing is a vital part of any meditation practice.

Although most people meditate with closed eyes, many beginners find it useful to have a point of focus, such as a candle. Concentrating on the flame can make it easier to clear your mind.

When learning how to meditate, beginners tend to get frustrated by the persistence of outside thoughts — all the anxieties, to-do lists and random memories that parade constantly through the brain. Instead of fighting them off, simply observe them as they enter your mind and let them pass. Repeating a mantra to yourself is another good way to maintain your focus.

Read more from Clark on how to begin a meditation practice here.

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