A Quick Blurb On Insomnia And Relaxation Meditation

Meditation | Prevent Insomnia With Meditation And Relaxation TechniquesIf you don’t get a good night’s sleep all sorts of problems can arise. Yes a general statement, but true. And although some spiritual traditions promote extended periods of sleeplessness to help induce hallucinogenic trance like states, for the majority of us, insomnia just leads to poor emotional and physical health.

Checkout this recent Health Blog post for tips on how to keep your insomnia in check. Apart from the usual drug therapy suggestion, the article is quick to point out that meditation like relaxation techniques and changing one’s sleep environment can help a person catch their zzz’s.

Relaxation Techniques. Before going to bed, it is important to do some relaxation techniques are cures for insomnia. No sleep can occur without relaxing one’s body as well as one’s mind. Relaxation techniques can be as simple as deep breathing exercises, doing some simple stretching, to more high-level relaxation activities like yoga, etc. 

Read more about how relaxation techniques and meditation can help you sleep here.

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