A Quick Run Down Of Meditation And Other Alternative Healing Techniques

Meditation | Alternative Healing Practices Are Less Invasive Than Traditional MedicineIf you’re already practicing meditation, this list will probably be somewhat redundant. Alternatively, if you haven’t yet caught on to the idea of using less invasive, time-tested forms of treatment, also known as alternative medicine to help you deal with your health concerns, the list might be an eye opener.

In this latest News OK post, seven complementary and alternative medicine practices are discussed. The article also cites scientific studies conducted using these treatments or pros as to why they are suitable for human consumption. The list includes acupuncture, yoga, herbal therapy, and mirror therapy, as well as deep tissue massage, infrared heat message, and meditation and biofeedback.


Studies show meditation can help relieve chronic pain. A 2011 study by MIT and Harvard University researchers suggests this may happen because meditation training helps one focus, thus better control certain brain waves and tune out pain.

Biofeedback, behavioral therapy and breathing exercises

One recent study indicates that biofeedback helped relieve cramping phantom pain in amputees in 13 of 14 trials. And a study published in The Lancet shows behavioral therapy helped back pain sufferers change their thinking about back pain and how they managed it, garnering a 13.8 percent improvement in one disability test and a 2.4 percent improvement in another.

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