A Reality Check With Sally Kempton

Sally Kempton isn’t one to mix words when it comes to meditation. She is more than practical with expectations and what it takes to embark upon a well intentioned meditation practice. She is also super gentle when it comes to working with others.

In her latest Patheos post, Kempton describes her path and transformation whereby she learned to live her outward life as a radiant reflection of living from her center. Not denying the daily difficulties one encounters when exploring the unconscious and forging a relationship with self, Kempton overtly acknowledges that your practice is tested constantly; just how open to love can you remain?

The ultimate gift of meditation? Having an awareness of that part of yourself that regardless of anything, remains unchanged.

Yet there will be other moments, many of them, when the gifts of meditation are there only if you work for them. The mere fact that you meditate will not suddenly make you immune to psychological pain. It won’t eliminate mood swings, feelings of inadequacy, or problems with other people. In fact, people who meditate can be just as subject to ups and downs as anyone else. The major differences lie in their attitude toward their mood and tendencies and in the resources they have to deal with them. When sadness, anger, and frustration arise, they have learned how to separate their intrinsic sense of self from their moods and feelings. They know that a core part of them is untouched by the emotional weather. Not only that, they have learned some skills in meditation that can help them through a difficult encounter or a mental traffic jam. They have more choices about how they deal with their feelings, how they work with the desires, fears, and crises, which might otherwise derail them.

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