A Simple Approach To Meditation

Meditation | Use Visualization And Breathing Exercises To MeditateIf you’re a beginning meditator, know that meditation is neither difficult nor a complicated or involved process. All you need to do is grab a pillow (think of it as your special meditation pillow) and space on the floor in a room or part of you living environment that has as few distractions as possible. The point is to do whatever it takes (and I mean anything) to get quiet and to begin to focus inwards. Don’t worry about how to navigate yourself one you’ve crossed over to into your unconscious. The point is to let it do the leading.

Checkout this recent Chicago Now post from Katalin Rodriguez-Ogren. In it, Rodriguez-Ogren offers some simple approaches to meditation that any beginning meditator would find helpful.

Once you have found a comfortable position for your meditation (i.e cross legged position, standing or dead-man’s pose) you can begin with breathing.  Which ever position you choose, keep your back straight.  Many suggest breathing through the nose.  One common obstacle I hear is that they find breathing hard.  It should not be a difficult act, you want to breath without forcing your breath.  The easiest is to just keep breathing and transfer the exhale into releases in your muscles and areas of your body.

Many people need to begin by using visualizing as a tool to bring them into a meditative state.  I have heard of many great images to help you to this place.  But all of them require you to focus on your breathing.  By focusing on your breathing, you will begin to dismiss distractions that prevent you from clearing your mind.  Visuals that I have used include colors, a white light, the ocean water or the bluest sky.  But in all honesty, once you have accomplish your 10th, 14th and 18th breath, your mind will begin to clear and the distractions will slowly float away.

Read more from Rodriguez-Ogren on meditation here.

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