A Tension And Relaxation Technique For Positive Thoughts

For many people, staying positive presents a challenge. What with the lack of positive coping mechanisms that people are taught, when faced with an overwhelming situation, feelings take over and a person is left in a state of confusion, isolation and at times, without hope.

The key to dealing with these unwelcome experiences isn’t to wish them away. Rather, successful navigation through your feelings is accomplished with proper planning. In this John Sandy post, a self hypnosis technique which uses a combination of tension and relaxation techniques is offered as a way to reset your mind to a state of relaxation and positivity.

This simple technique combines the tension and relaxation with visual images that bring it to a light state of hypnosis. You can feel completely relaxed about this state, since it is only relaxed awareness. You are always in control and you can open your eyes at any time if you need to deal with something important. Just think of hypnosis as a special kind of relaxation, one that is more aware of their inner reality rather than its external reality.

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