A Trip To The Desert + Meditation = Bliss

The good news is when it comes to meditation you can practice it anywhere. That said, if you are a beginning meditator you will more than likely want to find a space that allows you to dedicate yourself to an internal frame of focus. Meaning, somewhere quiet! And while your living room might be one such place, consider a trip to the desert where nature can help gently and powerfully guide you to forging that ever important relationship with self.

Mila Kandibur shares her desert meditation experience in this recent Vision Magazine post. According to Kandibur, the desert is a natural energy vortex, a doorway to another world where you can ponder the meanings of life.

Spotting a small area that felt especially light and welcoming, I cleared the space and sat down. The glowing outline of the distant hills basking in the deep colors of the setting sun took my breath away. I felt at peace. I remembered love. I reflected on my life prior to meeting my teacher. The old emotions and feelings felt so dead compared to the aliveness and love that I felt at this light-filled and isolated place. How is it that we get so confused into thinking that we are truly living? How do we get so disconnected from ourselves? I allowed those thoughts to be taken by the wind that came suddenly and washed through my body like an electrical current. Surrendering to the wind, I straightened my back, closed my eyes and began practicing the diamond mind meditation technique to create a state of awareness and presence within. After a short time, my mind fell silent and became flooded with light.

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