A Truth Behind Balancing Chakras

Meditation | A Chakra Meditation Is An Alternative Healing PracticeHealer John Allison gives a good overview on the concept of chakras and helps to dispel some commonly held assumptions about this sometimes ethereal healing technique.

According to Allison, chakras quite simply are energy centers located in different parts of the body. Charged with regulating the outflow and inflow to and from the body, difficultly arises when these centers get blocked. Allison is quick to point out that everyone is faced with the challenge of bogged down chakras – it is part of the human experience. From unresolved pain to left over anger and resentment, issues which are not energetically cleared from one’s being remain trapped energetically in the body.  For John, chakra balancing incorporates aromatherapy, oils, incense, colors, music, and/or crystals. Most importantly, whatever technique that is used needs to speak to that particular individual.

Think of the chakras as the main distribution centers for the energy system. They’re also intake/output centers. If they get blocked or bogged down, then all the systems that depend on the flow of energy provided by that chakra suffer. Think of it like any other deficiency. Vitamin E deficiency produces limb weakness and loss neurologial function not simply because the vitamin isn’t there, but because your nervous system needs that vitamin to work right. Without that vital component, the machine doesn’t work. The same goes for your energy system.

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