A Walking Meditation For Self Compassion

Let’s face it, the world in which we live in doesn’t necessarily support self-compassion much less self-love. Truth be told, you have to look for it. Now some might say, “But I’ve done everything and still I don’t love myself.” The response, “What direction are you looking?”

As Americans, we are taught from a very early age that the kid with the most toys wins. Unfortunately, as we get older, the toys get bigger and bigger and many of us are left feeling smaller and smaller.

Jean Fain, in her latest Huffington Post article, invites others to begin to look at self-compassion as the remedy to self-criticism. Citing Tara Parker-Pope’s NY Times blog post, Fain offers a spot on compassion enhancing practice that can be used as a walking meditation.

If you’re walking down the street, feeling self-critical — maybe you caught a less-than-flattering glimpse of yourself in a store window or bumped into someone who’d last seen you when you were looking better, or maybe divorce has thrown you back into the dating scene — rather than give yourself a hard time, try a little tenderness in the form of a walking meditation. It’ll give you the calm and confidence you need to make your way toward greater health and well-being.

Read about Fain’s walking meditation to promote and enhance compassion here.

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