Achieving Full Release With A Water Meditation

Meditation Benefits | Water Is A Conduit For TransformationAs most people are aware, fifty percent of our bodies are made of water. Moreover, the beautiful planet in which we live is half covered in it. So it would seem understandable why for centuries water has been considered sacred and has been used as a conduit for transformation. Taking this rationale to the practice of meditation, is it possible that combining the two could produce enhanced benefit?

Susan Kaiser Greenland pens this recent Intent post on the benefits of practicing meditation with water. According to Greenland, by incorporating water’s properties into your practice, a person is left feeling more grounded, healed and renewed.

We may wish to conduct our meditation while in physical contact with a body of water, whether in the intimacy of our bathtub or the vast container of an ocean. We might float on our backs in a swimming pool or sit with just our feet submerged in a pond or creek. On the other hand, we may simply close our eyes and choose a location based on our imagination. Whatever we choose, we can begin by closing our eyes and listening to our breathing. At the same time, we tune in to the particular music of the water we have chosen—the loud rushing of a river or waterfall, or the surreal silence of the world beneath the surface of the ocean. We might consider how the type of water we choose reflects what we seek—the peace beneath the hectic surface of life, the cleansing power of a river racing through a canyon, or the mood lifting, melodic bubbling of a lively creek.

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