Affecting Future Generations With Meditation

Meditation | Use Meditation To Teach Your Children To Be In The PresentServing as a good role model to one’s children, I’m sure, is the goal of every parent. Unfortunately, many parents find that with all the stressors that this life holds, being a positive mirror to their children’s emotional needs, wants, and desires sometimes falls short. And while most of us think about material things when it comes to what we are going to leave our children once we transition, take a moment and consider a gift we can leave them that is much more immediate and profound.

In this recent Care 2 post, Wendy Strgar recounts her own experience with parenting and her realization that her meditation practice is, in fact, providing more to her children than anything material could ever provide. According to Strgar, passing onto her children the best of her character will help them to see the world more positively, and in turn, hopefully allow them to make positive contributions to it.

Lately as they have been facing their own growing challenges they have joined me in my practices.  My eldest daughter has opened up to the power of full presence and is vigilantly noticing all of the moments that pull her away from it. My younger son has discovered the power of meditation since his frightening accidents earlier this year and to relieve anxiety before his basketball games. I love teaching them about this work that has given me the capacity to love my life.

Today we all lay down together to meditate, when my son commented in his dry and teen mocking tone about how “I am about to have a perfect moment…” It was true and funny as I lay draped by my kids doing what I love most.  We all started to laugh and each time we started the guided meditation over, laughed harder.  I have heard about laughing meditation before but had never achieved it until today.

Read more from Strgar on using meditation to pass onto your children the positives of life here.

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