An Episcopalian Spin To Meditation

Whereas meditation used to be a topic found only in ashrams and yoga studios, today the practice of meditation is gaining more popularity in religious circles as well. In combination with music and silent prayer, the practice is being used to help church members get more in tough with their spiritual side.

Ashley Bates in this Gainesville Times post takes a look at how members of the St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church are treated to a combination service six times a year. Named a Taizé service, the nondenominational service consists of chanting, silence, prayers, and meditation. The practice which originated in France in 1940 has been a tradition at the church for three years.

“The Taizé service has a special spiritual atmosphere,” Nancy McClary said. “The combination of music, verse and silent meditation with a beautiful altar, filled with candles for focus, and surrounded by a group of spiritual people, produces a deeply spiritual experience that touches the heart and soul. I plan to continue to attend as often as I can.”

Read more about how meditation has become a part of this church’s services here.

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