An Insight Into The Practice of Qigong

If you’ve travelled to China or been to any park on the Westside of Los Angeles for that matter, you have probably seen people, both young and old, engaged in an ancient healing method called Qigong. A practice that uses the body’s energy system to promote health and wellness through movement, breath, mind and sound, Qigong is a meditation of sorts used to facilitate a mind body connection.

Arthur Rosenfeld discusses the practice of Qigong in his latest Huffington Post. According to Rosenfeld, unlike more challenging mind body techniques like Tai Chi or yoga, Qigong is accessible to people of all ages. Key to learning Qigong says Rosenfeld, is to connect with a qualified teacher.

The best way to learn qigong is from a qualified teacher. As it is in many things, as the practice becomes more popular, the percentage of such qualified individuals among those offering instruction is likely to decrease. Since everyone learns it best directly from someone else who knows it, the best assurance of a teacher’s qualifications are the qualifications of their teacher. Ask about a prospective instructor’s lineage. Traditionally, qualified qigong teachers (just like qualified martial arts instructors) are eager to share this information; beware the teacher who is not, and be sure to ask students if they are experiencing positive health benefits from the practice.

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