An Introduction To Taoist Meditation

While on some level all meditations are intended to help people clear their minds and bodies as much as possible, not all meditations have the same path. Some utilize mantras, others use focusing techniques. A Taoist meditation concentrates on a person’s internal energy through a focusing on the breath.

In this Taoist meditation article from E.C. LaMeaux, the principles behind the tradition are explained. According to LaMeaux, the emphasis is on emptiness and stillness as the means to help facilitate a creation, movement, and transformation of a person’s energy. As a person focuses on their inhalations and exhalations the mind clears and a person is much more likely to experience spontaneous insight and spiritual connection.

According to ICBS, Inc., the two main guidelines in Taoist meditation are jing (meaning quiet, stillness or calm) and ding (meaning concentration and focus). Stillness turns your attention inward and concentrates your attention on your breath to create a totally undistracted state of mind. This undisturbed mind allows for spontaneous insight, awareness and spiritual awakening.

Read more from LaMeaux on the Taoist meditation practice here.

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