An Introverts Guide To Meditation

Meditation | Introverts Benefit From The Mind Quieting Practice Of Meditation If you’re an introvert, you know just how important, vital really, peace and quiet is to your overall sense of well being. And while one would think that those who enjoy just a little more alone time would be quite proficient when it comes to meditation, truth is, whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert, no one is exempt from having to deal with the monkey mind!

Sophia Dembling pens this recent Psychology Today post about mindfulness and the role of meditation in an introvert’s life. According to Dembling, for an introvert, whether the noise occurs on the outside or the inside, point is, it’s no fun.

Dembling, being an introvert herself, shares her own experience with meditation and a helpful hint for fellow introverts.

I took a meditation lesson once and the instructor gave me some tips for dealing with my monkey mind. My favorite was her suggestion that I think of my thoughts as kids in a playground–running, shouting, jumping, laughing, yelling–while I am sitting still and quiet nearby. This separates my quiet mind from my busy thoughts, and I’ve found it works pretty well for a while.

As we become more aware of how busy our introvert minds are, we also need to think about managing that energy–harnessing the power for our own good, and calming it when it gets too frenetic. And yes, you can be frenetic even sitting alone and silent in a quiet room. (Especially if you’re also in front of a computer, which is the biggest yammerhead in the world. It never shuts up.)

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