Anxious Teens Benefit From Relaxation Meditation

Meditation Benefits | Relaxation Meditation Teaches Teens How To Cope With AnxietyBeing a teenager can be one of the most challenging and difficult times in one’s life. Not only dealing with demands from school, parents, and society at large, a teen also begins the long and exciting process of finding their path in the world. And unless properly contained, anxiety can run havoc on their young adult lives.

Dr. Jackie Mesnik explores anxiety in teenagers in this recent Montclair Patch post and how a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and relaxation meditation can often times help to relieve the suffering.

According to Mesnik, successful treatment begins with psychoeducation in which a teenager learns the ins and out of anxiety including treatment options. When one comprehends the nature of anxiety, coping skills including relaxation techniques are taught.

After the child understands the nature of their anxiety, coping skills training is initiated.  This often includes the teaching of specific relaxation techniques that he or she can practice and use outside of the session.  Common relaxation techniques include deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and guided imagery.  In deep breathing, the child learns to take breaths using the diaphragm rather than rapid and shallow chest breathing.  Progressive muscle relaxation involves a process of systematically relaxing major muscle groups, often by pairings of tensing and relaxing muscles.

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