APA Recognizes Meditation To Treat Depression And Anxiety

For most “alternative” people, it’s not too surprising to hear that increasing your exercise, introducing compassion and love into your life, and eating properly would help with symptoms of anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, many in the mainstream medical camp believe that medication still reigns champion.

Score one for the alternatives! According to this Suite 101 post, a report published recently by the American Psychological Association now believes that these outside of the box solutions can be as effective as medication in the treatment of mood disorders.

According to Laura Owens (who makes reference to the author of the APA article, Roger Walsh M.D., PhD), included in this list of “therapeutic lifestyle change” methods is meditation and yoga. Both have been found to improve overall psychological stability as well as reduce stress and enhance brain functioning.

After reviewing a wide body of lifestyle research, Walsh found that therapeutic lifestyle changes (TLCs) can be used effectively to treat multiple psychopathologies (anxiety, depression, etc) and to promote psychological and social well-being. TLCs can also be used for “preserving and optimizing cognitive capacities and neural functions,” a growing area of research the result of society’s immersion in multi-media such as hand helds, the internet, social media, television and other digital technology that creates “artificial environments” outside of nature.

More about how meditation and yoga help to treat anxiety and depression here.

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