Ayurveda And Meditation

As people begin to loosen their grips around the belief that Western Medicine holds the only key to health and wellness, practices from the East continue to expand their reach. Ayurveda is one of those practices. An intricate system of healing which was developed in India thousands of years ago, Ayurveda is a holistic approach to well being that combines herbs, meditation, chanting, yoga, and spirituality.

In this Times of India post from Reena Singh and Sonal Srivastava, Ayurveda’s growing influence is explored. Reporting from the Ayurveda and Yoga: Where Science Meets Consciousness conference in Rishikesh, Singh and Srivastava note how the practice helps to treat both mental as well as emotional symptoms by identifying the root causes of a person’s ailments.

“Besides herbs, Ayurveda also uses minerals, metals, animal products or anything in the world that can be understood in a logical way and can be utilised to treat a certain condition. Ayurveda believes that there’s nothing useless in this world; all letters are mantras and all roots are herbs; only that the person who knows it all, is rare,” says Nambi. The ancient healing system doesn’t offer quick-fix solutions. It explores the real cause of the disease and attempts to eradicate it completely

Read more about how meditation plays a role in the healing practice of ayurveda here.

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