Becoming Mindful About Schoolroom Anxiety

Meditation | Use Relaxation Techniques To Help Children Cope With StressFor those parents of school-aged children, all you have to do is think back to when you were in school to appreciate how anxiety ridden the whole schooling process can be. From homework assignments to peer pressure, it’s a surprise that any of us come out alive. The good news is that parents today are much more conscious of how difficult these formative years can be, and as a result, children are receiving support in the form of meditation and other relaxation techniques to help them cope with schoolroom anxiety.

Vince Dixon pens this recent Chicago Tribune post to not only help highlight how prevalent stress and anxiety are in today’s classrooms, but also as a way to remind parents to be mindful of the numerous ways in which they can help their children lessen the pressure of growing up. According to Dixon, one important way to help minimize the effects of anxiety is to teach children relaxation techniques that de-stress the body.

Learn relaxation strategies. Anxiety is manifested through the body, Alvord said: “It’s how you feel and what you do. At the very least, your muscles tense up.”

But anxiety and relaxation cannot co-exist, Palmiter says. Teaching your child relaxation techniques can help. Show him how to loosen his limbs, perhaps imagining they’re like cooked spaghetti, when he starts feeling anxious. Also help him learn to take long, deep breaths.

Read more from Dixon on using relaxation techniques to help your child cope with schoolroom stress here.

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