Blending Music And Yoga To Promote Healing

A two-day national seminar recently concluded in Patna, India where topics included how yoga and music not only promote healing but also how the two play a major role in a developing personality.

The event which was held at Arvind Mahila College and was sponsored by university grants drew government officials as well as university students, teachers and the general public.

A prominent idea held by many at the event was the belief that yoga and music as a healing modality work when medicine stops working. As stated by Labour resources minister Janardan Singh Sigriwal at the event’s opening:

“Music has great importance in one’s life and plays a vital role in the society. Music adds a lot to culture and culture enhances values for development of one’s personality.”

Sigriwal also praised the activities conducted by the college throughout the year. Laying emphasis on music and yoga, Sigriwal added: “Music and yoga play important roles in saving one’s life. These work when medicines stop working. There are many cases where music therapy has done miracles.”

Read more about the Arvind Mahila College event here.

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