Breathing Meditation Into Your Body

Meditation | Use Breathing Meditation To Connect To Your Life Force EnergyIt’s been said that the breath is the bridge to your life force energy. Kind of makes sense since without it you’d be six feet under. The question is how can you effectively utilize the breath in order to connect to this resource and experience its gift?

Checkout this recent post from hypnotherapist Adam Eason on utilizing the breath to relax and drop into the body. A breathing meditation of sorts, Eason gives five breathing exercises to help facilitate the journey. By consciously breathing and bringing awareness to specific parts of the body, transformation is possible. Below is his Body Breathing exercise:

Body Breathing:
This is like imagining breathing through your skin. As you inhale deeply and slowly, imagine that you are breathing through your body. You imagine that beginning at your feet, you breathe in and upwards through every pore of your body, all the way up to the top of your head. Let yourself feel relaxed throughout your entire body as you breathe out through each pore right down to your toes.

Just enjoy this body breathing process for a couple of minutes and imagine drifting deeper inside your mind and creating a good receptive state.

I have read of this sort of process also being done just focusing on one particular part of the body, such as the forehead or another part of the body’s surface, but found that people were not as responsive when I attempted the same.

Read more breathing meditation tips from Eason here.

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