Bringing The Power Of A Nature Meditation Home

Meditation | Meditation And The Power Of NatureMany people find that simply going into nature puts them into a meditative state and allows them to better deal with the stress and overwhelm of everyday life. The question is, what happens if you don’t have time to venture outdoors? Sure, you can put a bubbling brook in the foyer or add a sound machine in the bedroom…but is this enough?

Erica Sofrina in her latest Care 2 post discusses both the power of a nature meditation as well as steps a person can take to find out which elements of nature they are best attuned to. Combined with a journaling process, Sofrina assists individuals as they discover the colors, objects, shapes and textures that resonate. The goal is to arm people with this information so they can transform their homes into a space that promotes the tranquility and groundedness so commonly found in nature.

If you live with others, you may want to have them do this meditation as well and assist them in creating their own personal sanctuary in their own rooms. If you and your partner have two very opposite kinds of places, give each person a space to create their vision fully, then bring in features from both of your meditations into your shared spaces. Opposite places might be one with a lush tropical landscape and one with the muted and silvery colors of a snowy mountain at midnight. Either way, any time we bring nature into the home we will feel a sense of joy and well-being. This meditation simply allows us to fine-tine exactly the kinds of spaces that bring us the most joy

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