Buddhify Your Life With Meditation

Meditation | A Smartphone Meditation App Is A Valuable ResourceNow that we all have smartphones (sorry if you don’t), there’s really no excuse not to meditate. With all the health and wellness apps available, it’s next to impossible to not find one that can help you with all that ails your mind and body. Whether it be a self hypnosis application that cultivates concentration or a meditation app geared toward decreasing your stress and anxiety, believe me, you owe it to yourself to check them out (I mean come on, most of them are only .99 cents).

Checkout this recent announcement on Ubergizmo about a new meditation app soon to hit the market called Buddhify (they’re looking for a little help). According to the blurb, Buddhify is designed for people on the move with little time to meditate. Take a look at what appears to be a promising meditation app, and if you feel so inclined, see if you want to take them up on their offer.

Interested in meditation but don’t have the time to attend classes to learn how to do so? Wish you could meditate while on the go instead? You will soon be able to, thanks to the upcoming app from Rohan Gunatillake called buddhify – the world’s first mass modern meditation mobile app. That sure is a mouthful of words, but in reality it’s nothing complicated at all. It is an app that is designed to help users meditate with nothing but their headphones and their phone.

Designed for people who are too busy to set aside time to meditate, buddhify will let users meditate anywhere they are allowed to use headphones in. Walking on the street, while eating a meal, or even when on the bus or train – buddhify makes meditation something that can be done pretty much everywhere and at any time.

The Buddhify meditation app announcement can be found here.

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    I like this site because it has good stuff on meditation.