Building Concentration With Meditation

Decreased anxiety, less fear, and lower blood pressure are just three examples of what meditation can do for  you. Another benefit that might be appealing for all you work-aholics is better concentration. Yes that’s right. If you just allow yourself 20 to 30 minutes of dedicated internal reflection each day, you will be much more capable when burning the late night candle.

Kristin Nelson in her latest Patch post discusses in detail not only the particulars of meditation, but also tips on how to fine tune your practice in order to get maximum benefit. Important is the understanding that while for some slowing down causes the mind to speed up, it’s just part of the process toward building better concentration.

Busy minds also hinder concentration and rational thought. We lose focus and become easily distracted because our minds are overcrowded. It feels as if there is a continuos, high-speed roller coaster maneuvering around inside of our heads. In order for us to step back and examine everything entirely, we must make it stop…

…Sometimes our minds feel as if they are getting busier when we allow ourselves to go to this quiet place. This is not necessarily the case. It’s just that now we are paying attention and are conscious of just how full of activity our minds are. With time and breath, the thoughts will calm. Just keep turning inward and breathe.

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