Can A Hula Hoop Help Me Meditate?

Since meditation merely represents a practice that allows for internal reflection in the hopes of cultivating a stronger and deeper relationship with self, there are literally thousands of ways a person can practice. Case in point: the hula hoop. A walking, alright a spinning meditation of sorts, the hula hoop might eventually represent the newest frontier in connecting to the Divine.

In this Sag Harbor Express post, Emily Weltz introduces us to Samantha, a die-hard hooper who uses the practice to not only help to open up her chakras, but also as a way to quiet her mind and connect to something deeper.

“The movements of hooping really opens up the chest and spine, thereby opening up the meridians and the heart chakra,” says Samantha, a member of The Fiery Sensations, a group of hoopers and poi dancers that rocks parties across the East End. “When you open up your heart chakra, you react with people in a more open way… the specific movements help open the heart, and this causes me to smile most of the time I’m doing it.”

Read more about Samantha’s hula hooping meditation journey as a way focus and relieve stress and anxiety here.

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