Can A Relaxation Meditation Ease The Birthing Process?

Meditation | A Relaxation Meditation Called Hypnobirthing Eases The Birthing ProcessIt’s true that meditation is used for a lot of things. People with all sorts of mental and physical issues swear by the alternative healing practice as a way to relieve their symptoms and also as a means in which to explore why the ailment itself is manifesting in their lives in the first place. Now a relatively new form of meditation called HypnoBirthing is being used as a natural approach to a safer, easier, and more comfortable birthing process.

Madison Park pens this recent CNN post on HypnoBirthing. A self hypnosis of sorts, the practice which focuses heavily on relaxation and changing a woman’s association with pain, the purpose of this meditation technique is to remove the fear associated with giving birth. According to Park, the practice isn’t some new age tactic. Rather, HypnoBirthing encourages pregnant woman to calm down.

Unlike the stereotype, in HypnoBirthing, nobody swings a pocket watch back and forth to lull a mother to sleep during labor.

The mothers stay awake during the process, but train themselves to calm down so they may appear as if they’re sleeping. Some use instrumental music, rhythms and affirmations. They are encouraged to visualize a relaxed place or a goal like cuddling with their newborn.

“It’s like a self-hypnosis,” said Joyce Poplar, a perinatal educator who teaches at Cleveland Clinic’s Hillcrest Hospital. “They’re in a deep, relaxed, limp state. Every single woman is imagining something different — whether it’s a place in their mind, an outdoor place such as a beach scene. It’s feeling it, being aware of it and having a sensory perception on that beach scene, smelling the salt in the air, hearing the seagulls. They’re completely there in a trance-like state.”

Read more from Park on the relaxation meditation practice called HypnoBirthing here.

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