Can Christianity And Meditation Get Along?

This simple, straightforward meditation post published to Articles Base highlights the history of meditation and the religious difficulty many Christians might have with a meditation practice. Whereas some believe that prayer is the art of asking and meditation the art of listening, the writer points out that a meditation practice for Christians might actually hold within it the means by which to contact the power that resides within each and every one of us.

While essentially good, the call is for less rigidity when it comes to Christian worship and the idea of meditation. And if you take a look at history (at least the written text), there is evidence that Jesus himself practiced a form of meditation.  According to the writer:

Meditation is a form of prayer which attempts to focus and quiet the objective or conscious mind in order to lead a person to connect with the central core of their being.  In simple terms, meditation practice tries to establish a link between the human mind and the human heart.  In doing so, the practitioner is brought into contact with their true self, and their conscious awareness of life is expanded.

Read more about the controversy between prayer and meditation here. What are your thoughts?

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