Can Meditation Be Taught To Children?

Meditation | Meditation Tips For ChildrenMany opinions can be given as to whether meditation can be beneficial, much less taught to children.  In this powerful piece by Helen Gray from The Kansas City Star, she offers an example of how simple instruction to young children can make dramatic differences and how meditation can positively affect relations between children and both their peers and parents.

Gray offers a birds eye perspective into how a group of youngsters were taught a simple practice that in turn allowed them the opportunity to acknowledge how slowing down in the sometimes fast paced lifestyle that is being a child can be helpful.

When they learn meditation and how to breathe, they can learn how to focus and to relax instead of being anxious, she said.

“We are planting the seeds that they can develop the rest of their lives,” she said.

Mentesana said he has read research on meditation and children and said it is worthwhile to teach children to meditate because they can become more attentive. Also learning the breathing techniques can carry into their daily lives.

Read more about the meditation practice taught to these children here.



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