Can Meditation Cure Addiction?

Meditation | Can Meditation Cure Addiction?For those who either suffer with an addiction or interact with someone who does, you know how challenging and difficult life can be when caught in its grips.

Whether that be to alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping, relationships, anger, or one’s thoughts, the lack of ability to make conscious and healthy choices when it pertains to one’s overall health and well being leaves millions of people feeling helpless and hopeless. And while some believe there to be a biological component to addiction, the truth is, how one was nurtured during those very important early years might have more to do with the “disease” of addiction than one might think.

Gabrielle Bernstein pens this recent Huffington Post on her use of meditation as a means to deal with addiction. Key to Bernstein’s article is her eloquent presentation of what is at the heart of any addiction: the external search for serenity. A complete “wrong direction approach”, Bernstein acknowledges how meditation allowed her to turn her focus within, and in doing so, relinquish her fear to a loving presence.

In the past, I’d have coped with these assignments with drugs, alcohol, a new relationship or over-working. None of these “remedies” ever worked. I finally surrendered to the fact that my outside chase for serenity was a dead end, and something had to change. So I turned my search for happiness inward. I called on my memory of meditating in some random friend’s beach house at the age of 16. I remembered how it felt to relinquish my fearful illusions and surrender to the loving energy that surrounded me. My recollection of this time was so vivid it propelled my desire to know more. Thus, it was time to surrender to a full-blown, rocked-out, no-joke meditation practice.

Read more from Bernstein on the use of meditation to heal and possibly cure addiction here.

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