Can Meditation Cure Asthma?

We all know that meditation can be helpful with many physical and mental conditions such as high blood pressure, ADHD, depression, and anxiety. But can this alternative medicine of sorts help with asthma related symptoms?

In this Time of India post, a new study from the University of Cincinnati is referenced that shows urban adolescents suffering from asthma could benefit from the use of complementary and alternative medicine to manage their symptoms. According to the article, the study which was led by Assistant Professor Sian Cotton, determined that the group of chronically ill patients found methods such as meditation and yoga to be helpful.

In the second analysis, the same group of adolescents completed a survey looking at 10 forms of complementary and alternative medicine methods used for symptom management, including prayer, guided imagery, relaxation, meditation, yoga, massage, herbs, vitamins and rubs as well as dietary changes.

“These findings show that this group of chronically ill adolescents is using complementary methods and finding them helpful,” said Cotton.

“Providers should consider discussing the use of complementary or alternative medicine with their patients with asthma to help improve outcomes.”

“These analyses point to findings that will help physicians care not only for patients with asthma but also for those with other chronic illnesses to ensure the best outcomes physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, producing a better quality of life,” added Cotton.

Read more about this study on using meditation and yoga to combat asthma here.

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