Can Meditation Cure Cancer?

Does anyone really know what causes cancer? Sure we say that diet, smoking, genetics and a negative mindset can all play a role in someone getting sick. That said, it seems that cancer is caused more by a combination of things rather than one “controllable” reason. Controllable in the sense that if we can determine the one cause we can fix it or blame it and we have mastered the cause of cancer.

Jackie Roberge, founder of an organization called Cancer SHIFT, works with people to help them to understand why cancer has a purpose in their lives. Moreover, she helps these people to find the necessary courage needed to move toward deep and lasting healing.

Referencing an article published recently in the SF GateCancer SHIFT uses a combination of meditation and relaxation and imagery sessions, workshops and group courses to help bring about answers that help people with cancer to identify and own their own secret struggle. According to Cancer SHIFT:

Conventional medical treatments like surgery, chemo and radiation help eliminate tumors and lingering cancer cells. They do not address the conditions that contribute to the growth of the cancer cells. The Cancer Shift Program and tools help one understand and address the underlying emotional and physical factors that affect one’s physiology and contribute to the growth of cancer cells. By doing this, one can create the foundation for deep and lasting healing.

Read more about Jackie Roberge and Cancer SHIFT here.

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