Can Meditation Flash Mobs Change The World?

Seems like every time you turn on CNN they are running a Youtube clip of a flash mob overtaking a mall in some midwestern town (Jersey too). First these mobs consisted of dancers delighting crowds with synchronized routines. Then marriage flash mobs began popping up. Now its seems as if the consciousness tide has turned to a more enlightened type of flash mob-bing.

According to PR Leap, today multiple flash meditation mobs will converge in cities across the US. From Austin to Boulder, Cincinnati to Phoenix (Los Angeles, San Francisco and Asheville included too), these groups will spontaneously meet with hopes of not only exposing people to the practice, but also creating a safe environment for people from all walks of life to come together. Another major purpose of the group is to send positive intentions with the hopes of showing to the world that simple positive acts can contribute to global change.

“The mission is to promote peace, prosperity and freedom for all people. It transcends politics, religion, race, age and sex. People are ready to acknowledge and embrace the inner voice that is telling us we should give back to the world in gratitude for all we have,” says Heath.

Read more about meditation flash mobs and if one is meeting in your city here.

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