Can Meditation Help Cure Addictions?

With all the television and film stars in the news recently suffering from out of control addictions, it’s a wonder why the collective isn’t waking up to the fact that when it comes to treating addiction, we are only scratching the surface. Sure twelve step programs are helpful, as are support groups and to some extent, in-patient treatment facilities. That said, until people are taught how to take more responsibility for themselves, people will continue to suffer from addictions.

This recent Care 2 post from Delia Quigley addresses how meditation can help in the treatment of addictions. Addiction represents a state in which people look outside themselves for something that only a relationship with themselves can provide. According to Quigley, the practice of meditation, by nature, holds within it the key to allow individuals the opportunity to face the pain which locks them into destructive patterns of behavior.

Ironically, addictions are often a vain attempt to be present in the moment. People use addiction to forget the past by running away from previous actions, pain and regrets. They use them to avoid their fear of the future either because it appears empty or there is more harm to come. People use their addictions to try to hold on to an immediate pleasure that is a fleeting illusion.

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