Can Meditation Help Me Find My True Self?

Meditation | A Meditation Practice Exposes The False SelfIf you’ve been around meditation for a while, you know that there’s a big difference between who you present to the world and what you encounter when you’re deep into a meditation practice. And although some might be offended at the insinuation that who they show up to work with everyday isn’t true, consider the possibility that what you see in the mirror and what you’ve got going on inside, albeit mostly unconscious, might just be a little closer to who you are at your essence.

Checkout this recent Care 2 post from Deepak Chopra in which he discusses how meditation is used to help people cross over from activity to silence. And why would you want to do that? According to Chopra, by bringing consciousness to the gap between the active mind and silent mind, a person can begin to appreciate the structure of the false self and let go of the fears that are holding them back.

Meditation does not deal in meaning. The old conditioning is released without talking about it, feeling it, or having much conscious experience of letting it go. Instead, the mind is shown how to cross over from activity to silence, and this process accomplishes the desired result.

The stresses lie in the gap between the active and silent mind; touching this gap with one’s awareness is enough to release them. Since it takes mental activity to keep the false self going, ending the activity loosens the false self’s grip. It is not that a person tires to detach himself from his fears; they detach themselves from him.

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