Can Meditation Help Me Sleep?

Meditation | Meditation Promotes Restful SleepTo put it bluntly, there’s no “right” time to meditate. Meaning, regardless of when you meditate, the important question to ask yourself is, “what is my intention?” That said, some find that meditating in the morning helps calm them for the day. While others tend to meditate in the evening or before they go to bed, owing a good night’s sleep to the stilling of the mind that can occur during meditation.

The idea of whether or not meditation can help you sleep is the topic of this Wildmind post. According to the article, meditation increases your chance of a restful night’s sleep. While the author acknowledges how frustrating it can be to be flooded with thoughts as your head hits the pillow, the post offers a solution. Try focusing on your breath as a way to clear your mind. Equally important in the process is your preparation.

Meditation will turn down the volume of thoughts in your mind. Sitting on your meditation cushion, or in a chair, or even lying down in bed, and focusing on your breathing will help to clear your mind of the myriad of thoughts, worries and planning that often stops us from relaxing and falling asleep.

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